Why Should You Use Kraft Boxes to Pack Heavy Products?

Why Should You Use Kraft Boxes to Pack Heavy Products?

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The Kraft boxes are made of Kraft paper. It is a durable and robust material that you can use to pack heavy objects. Kraft paper is more substantial than regular brown Kraft packaging, and it generally has much more resistance to tearing. This makes Kraft boxes the perfect choice for large items or products with sharp edges. 

In addition to being a great option for packing heavy goods, Kraft packages are also very easy to open. You don’t need any special tools or equipment because you can just tear the box down with its perforations.

Moreover, it is a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for packing heavy products. This is why Kraft box packaging has become popular over the years. You can make these boxes, or you can purchase them from stores and online. But it’s important that they’re packed correctly to ensure safety and prevent breakage. To learn more about Kraft packaging, read this article!

Why Should You Choose Kraft Boxes for Heavy Objects?

Kraft boxes are the best choice to pack heavy objects. These Kraft paper boxes can withstand weight, pressure, and shock very well without breaking or tearing. 

Additionally, Kraft box packaging is a cost-effective solution for packing heavy products. It is suitable in comparison with other types of material such as metal containers which would be much more expensive. Also, Kraft boxes will not rust over time, unlike steel crates that may corrode after some years. Kraft boxes do not need any special treatment when it comes to disposal. They’re biodegradable, so you don’t have to worry about environmental pollution like with plastic materials if you recycle them accordingly!

How Can You Increase the Durability of Kraft Boxes?

You can use Kraft boxes for a long time if you take care of them properly. Generally, Kraft paper has low durability because it’s not suited to face rough conditions, which would make holes or tears very quickly!

The best way is to prevent Kraft box damage in the first place. For example, don’t stack Kraft packages too high on top of each other as this may cause damage due to pressure and weight distribution problems (you should always follow recommended stacking limits). Also, try packing heavy products inside Kraft boxes and add some soft material like bubble wrap, so there are no sharp objects against the packaging surface.

Furthermore, avoid using Kraft boxes with perforated sides. These sections provide weaker points than solid points. It means Kraft boxes with perforated sides may be more susceptible to Kraft box damage.

Moreover, you can increase the rigidness of these boxes by following these steps, which are:

Choose Thick Grade Materials

In Kraft boxes, you can use thick grade paper because it provides a high level of strength in comparison to thinner grades. This thicker material is more resistant to tears and punctures, which means Kraft packaging using this type of Kraft box will be stronger than those made from thin materials. In addition, only select the most suitable Kraft papers for your desired Kraft box construction needs (such as moisture resistance and ink adsorption).

Stack Your Kraft Boxes Properly

Stack each package with proper care. Make sure that they will not fall apart during shipping or during handling by customers at stores. If there are any gaps between the stacked boxes, then fill them with other objects like bubble wrap or foam peanuts so that products don’t bounce during transportation and storage.

Add Customized Fillers

You can increase the durability by adding the customized fillers to these boxes. There are several filler options that you will find at the packaging companies. They will provide the Kraft filling paper, Kraft bubble wrap, foam peanuts, etc. so that you can fill the gaps between stacked boxes and protect your products from damage during shipping or storage times.

You can also design customized fillers as per your product requirements. It will not only increase the durability and aesthetic appeal of the box that will not only protect your product but will also promote your business in the market.

Print Instructions for Handling Kraft Boxes

Kraft is brown paper made from recycled fibers and has a rough surface. To print the Kraft box, you will need some special requirements like – water-based inks (so that it does not cause any harm to your product), high-quality eco-friendly printing techniques, and a digital printer. These printers have wider inkjet widths which allow them to produce such wide rolls of Kraft Kloth with ease. The best part about this type of printing technique is its low cost per unit as compared to other types of printing methods, for example, screen printing or lithography.

Print the handling instructions on the package so more people can know about the handling instructions that will reduce the chances of errors and losses for your business.

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Types of Heavy-Duty Kraft Packages

Different kinds of heavy-duty Kraft packages include Kraft Kloth, Kraft boxes, Kraft paper bags, and Kraft sacks. These heavy-duty Kraft packages are suitable for products that require high protection from damage during shipping or storage.

You can use these clothes to pack fragile items like glassware, ceramics, and porcelain ware which needs extra care while moving these objects around as they can break into pieces easily if not packed with proper safety measures. We use a special type of glue called casein glue for binding all kinds of clothes together, such as shoebox packaging, in order to prevent them from unfolding up during transportation.

Where to Buy These Boxes?

There are several packaging suppliers that offer you the best quality Kraft packages for your heavier products. You can search for custom packaging near me, and you will find a number of packaging suppliers in your area.

Do your homework and check out all the details before choosing a company. Check out their services, rates, and reputation in the market, and then place your order for these boxes and make your business successful in the market.