How Does The Existing Economic Situation Influence Online Shopping in Pakistan?

How Does The Existing Economic Situation Influence Online Shopping in Pakistan?

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Now is the time for entrepreneurs to make the decision to go online. Things like, decrease in the number of consumers, rising oil prices, increasing numbers of people shopping online are forcing companies to expand their online presence.

Buyers are also encouraged to shop online because it is cheaper to buy your product online than to buy petrol and then go to the store.

In a May 2019 report, it was stated that Pakistani shoppers prefer to use e-commerce websites when they enjoy shopping, while the price of petrol is slowly rising. A survey by the appliance distribution company has determined that 52% of consumers in Pakistan will stop shopping if petrol prices rise. Instead of driving to a supermarket, people will choose to profit from a local store or buy their own luxury goods through online shopping in Pakistan. 33% of survey respondents said that online shopping would be their option to cope with high petrol prices.

Through these discoveries, many sites now allow people to shop online. One example is Arzaan which is a website that wants to give people a pleasant shopping experience. They will give you a variety of places where you can find what you are looking for and also show you results based on price. Arzaan is a free shipping website that ships products at your doorstep without any extra delivery charges and makes you a great value proposition. It helps you to find the best products online.

Studies show that as the price increases, more and more people are looking for a trusted website to get more discounts on their products. As a result, many websites like Arzaan appear. For this, Arzaan advises to offer coupons through the app for individual customers. With the increase in the number of people now choosing to shop online, businesses have a huge advantage in their online presence as well as giving their coupons away.

Shopping online is also beneficial for customers: saving time, saving money, stock options and brands, shopping at home, etc.

Shopping online is becoming increasingly popular. Statistics from April 2019 show Pakistani online retailers spent Rs. 2.1 billion in March this year, or Rs. 82 per person. The first half of 2019 saw an increase of 18% compared to the same period last year. Good Shopping, an independent television and online shopping mall, said its total sales increased 13.5% last year. Interestingly, most of its growth came from online marketing, which jumped 70%.

Mintel, a market research firm, predicts that online clothing sales in Pakistan will grow by 60% by 2015. They found that in 2010, 34% of Pakistani shoppers were buying clothes online, against only 25% in 2009.

These results show that businesses will benefit by giving their customers the option of shopping online. In other words, entrepreneurs should invest in the latest internet technologies and integrate e-commerce business into their marketing plans.

There are many retailers going ahead with a small store or internet presence. Some examples are Arzaan, Daraz, Home Shopping. Due to the changing consumer landscape and online shopping, Arzaan is focusing on selling its online products, while reducing its store size. Online shopping will benefit not only the company itself, but also its customers, because a cheaper system allows online retailers to offer lower prices. Owners of other supermarkets or businesses should not be intimidated by this change but should take the opportunity to shop online and incorporate it into their business plan. Use a site like Arzaan and have access to changes in the market.