Be A True Pakistani Buy Pakistani

Be A True Pakistani Buy Pakistani

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The word patriotism means dedication, loyalty to one's community, guiding any process that is in the public interest. A good woman defends her beloved community at every party. We are from Pakistan and have a strong sense of patriotism to protect and safeguard our country. Fortunately, we may die for the glory of our Pakistan. But supporting and accepting the way of life and living of a nation is also called patriotism. It is also important for our survival to sustain our values, our traditions and to support the production of our country.

As we buy, it involves helping our local economy directly. Unfortunately, every time we go shopping, we ignore our local products and choose imported products.

We do not understand why it is so popular in our country to buy products and imports, not only does it come free of charge to ignore the products produced in-house, but it damages our economy. Every time we go shopping, we make sure that we buy the imported goods. 

Unfortunately, it is our community's idea that imports are good but we do not have good high quality products. We prefer foreign films. Most people want to embrace western fashion and their lifestyle.

People are crazy about manufacturers and exporters. We forget that we are simply persecuting our identity and values. There is research on many good products that can be produced in our country, but we ignore them and buy products that are imported. Why don't we buy local products? The secret to China's success is the fact that its residents choose and buy products made in the best regions; there are a few things that the Chinese allow to import.

When we buy homemade products, the demand for the items increases to help us buy the items at a cheaper price compared to what we offer for the item is imported. It will also boost the industry in our community. By saying "I love my country" will not produce or demonstrate patriotism, unless we start to like our products locally, the word patriotism can be used. In our eyes it is as simple as a wash. True patriotism is expressed in a logical way, not in superficial patriotism. If we are going to be good Pakistanis, we will have to buy locally made products.

It is true that a process still needs to be done for the production of a satisfying product. Some products are bad. Soon, however, it will be higher in our efforts. As Pakistanis, we will promote Pakistani style, fashion, culture and products. This can only be done if we buy Pakistani goods and accept all our lifestyles in our country. It is easy to say "I love my country". Now, we have to prove that we are good citizens of Pakistan. It's time to dump her and move on.