Why Is Online Shopping In Pakistan Getting Popular-7 Main Reasons

Why Is Online Shopping In Pakistan Getting Popular-7 Main Reasons

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The popularity of online shopping in Pakistan is directly linked with global trends. E-commerce and online shopping are contributing to the economies of countries all over the world.

Online Shopping – Global Popularity

Online shopping is gaining global popularity. We are living in a digital world where communication has become very fast. Any popular trend in the USA and Europe crosses borders within no time.

History tells us that strong and powerful nations, having the latest technologies and expertise, rule the world. These nations lead the world in all the spheres of life. They set trends, and others follow them. 

A few years ago, we used to hear that people of advanced countries enjoy the facility of online shopping. It was a novel idea for the people of less developed countries. Now, this facility is available in less developed regions of the world, too.

Trendsetting and leadership in this category of business remain the privilege of modern countries. E-commerce websites and platforms of these advanced countries are far ahead in global popularity.

Their rules and regulations are very consumer-friendly. People feel very secure when they buy products from there. A few names of the top leaders in this industry are:

  1. Amazon, 2. Walmart, 3. eBay, 4. Alibaba, 5. Target, 6. Bestbuy 7. Flipkart, 8. Groupon, 9. Ikea

The Main Reasons For The Popularity Of Online Shopping In Pakistan

Over time E-commerce and online shopping have started in every country. Pakistan is not lagging in this field. A large number of online stores have emerged in Pakistan. Nearly every big brand has established a website and entertains online customers. Pakistanis are getting very inclined to online shopping. We are narrating here some main reasons for the popularity of online shopping in Pakistan.

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Online shopping is quite convenient. It is the number one global reason for its popularity. Pakistan is a densely populated country, especially its urban areas. So people use computers while being at home or the office.

They have smartphones in their hands and research online the product they aspire to buy. They analyze the prices and characteristics of the commodities online.

There is no need to get stuck in traffic jams on busy roads or in long queues at Malls when they can buy their desired products with just a click while remaining at their place.

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2-High Density of Youth in Pakistan:

Pakistan is amongst those countries that have a high density of youth.

This youth is well abreast of the latest global trends. Clothing, accessories, electronic items, cell phones, tablets, computers, and food are their favorite items for online shopping.

3-Competitive Prices:

There is healthy competition amongst online stores in Pakistan. These stores can afford to offer more affordable prices to their customers. They have comparatively lesser overhead expenses to bear.

They do not need to maintain extensive inventories. Online shopping is now quite established. Stores know that their customers are knowledgeable. Consumers can compare the price of a product within no time. 

They offer attractive features and prices of their products to entice and retain customers. It is beneficial for online consumers. They get competitive prices and save money.

4-Improved Quality of Products:

In the beginning, the consumers had to face product quality issues. Online stores know that competition is getting more intricate, so they have improved the quality of their products. This quality improvement has enhanced the level of their trustworthiness.

These stores now upload genuine images of their products. Their descriptions of products are now considerably better and refined.

Their quality inspections and controls have also improved. The principal causes for these developments are customer feedback and worldwide trends.

5-The Ease Of Cash On Delivery:

Pakistan is a developing country. Consumers feel secure with the facility of cash on delivery. In developed economies, it may seem odd. But this facility is one of the foremost causes for the popularity of online shopping in Pakistan. 

6-Better Customer Services:

The improved and better quality of customer services have also contributed to it. Online stores in Pakistan know that now the competition is global. Weak customer service can damage the reputation of the store.

They have researched, analyzed, and followed the international giants of this industry. The improved customer services have left a positive impact. Online shopping has got more popularity than before, in Pakistan.

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7-Consumer Friendly Return And Exchange Policies:

Online shopping in Pakistan has also developed because now stores have made their return and exchange policies more consumer-friendly. 

These policies were very ineffective in the beginning. Consumers used to face many problems when they had to return or exchange a product.

Once again, thanks to global competition that has forced online stores in Pakitan to review and improve these policies.


So, this was a brief analysis of the popularity of online shopping in Pakistan.