Online Shopping Websites In Pakistan – 7 Main Reasons For Their Popularity

Online Shopping Websites In Pakistan – 7 Main Reasons For Their Popularity

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The acceptance and popularity of online shopping websites in Pakistan are improving day by day. Although the pandemic has adversely affected the economy, yet E-commerce websites have seen immense growth these days. The people are anticipating that this growth will remain unimpaired even post-pandemic.

Many factors have contributed to this growth. We are discussing here the most important of them.

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1- Comparatively Cheaper Prices Than Offline Retail Stores

These online shopping websites have to bear the overhead cost. They do not have to pay rent, utilities, staff wages, and other maintenance expenses. For these online shopping websites, there may be one main expense. They may have to maintain a warehouse. In this warehouse, they can store their products.

The size of the warehouse depends on their volume of business. The bigger online shopping stores require more spacious warehouses. But it also depends on the nature of their business. 

Due to this, these online shopping websites can afford to offer more economical prices. And it has contributed a lot in the boost of their business.

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2- Purchasing From Online Shopping Websites Is Convenient

Convenience is another significant factor in this growth. One can order the desired product or service online while sitting comfortably at home or office. No need to get stuck in traffic jams. No worries about parking the vehicle. Just a click from mobile or computer and the shopping done. This convenience has great appeal expressly for the people living in large cities of Pakistan. 

Store timings are now 24/7/365. Online shopping stores are open all the time. Definitely, for a customer, this always welcoming facility is very engaging and convenient.

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3- Extensive Selection of Choices Available On E-commerce Stores

We all know that conventional shopping malls have an extensive range of brands and products available – so do online stores. Contrary to offline shopping, customers are not limited to just a selected mall or country. An online customer has access to a world of E-commerce stores.

Comparing similar products across online stores is smooth as one would only need to open several tabs or windows on the browser instead of traveling from mall-to-mall which is a hectic exercise.

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4- Multiple Payment Options

Online shopping websites in Pakistan now offer multiple payment options. Now a customer can pay through EasyPesa, MobiCash along with Debit & Credit cards. And yes, the most popular option is Cash-on-Delivery. This C.O.D option is still number one for online shopping in Pakistan.

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5- Fast and Free Shipping

This E-commerce growth has caused the germination of logistic and courier companies, too. Customers enjoy the facility of fast and free shipping from these online shopping websites. These online shopping stores provide tracking codes to their customers.

Customers can get the updated status of their product delivery with the help of these tracking codes. They can get this information from the website of a logistic company. They can also get an update from the website of the online shopping portal.

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6- Free Returns And Exchanges

Online shopping websites have improved their returns and exchanges policies. A few years ago, it used to be very cumbersome if the customer had to return or exchange a product. But now, these online shopping stores offer free returns and exchanges. This policy has gained the confidence of customers. Customers’ satisfaction level has improved with this facility.

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7- Privacy Is Maintained

In our society, there are still some social taboos. There are some products which people feel embarrassed when they want to buy. Among these things are contraceptives and female undergarments. So people can buy such products online. Their privacy remains intact. They do not feel embarrassed at all. And this facility has also left a huge impact on the growth of online shopping websites in Pakistan.