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online shopping in pakistan

Online shopping in Pakistan is getting popular whereas certain other sectors of Pakistan’s economy are under extensive pressure owing to COVID-19 led lockdowns. In Pakistan E-commerce is amassing fantastic momentum. The stakeholders are predicting that the growth will remain intact post-pandemic.

Pakistan is among the countries where the e-commerce industry has been unwaveringly on the rise. The number of listed e-commerce traders is growing significantly over the past few years. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the industry has attained new heights of success. Because people have started utilizing contactless buying and selling modes.

online shopping in Pakistan

E-commerce Data Released By The State Bank Of Pakistan

The State Bank of Pakistan has released data. This data reveals that the e-commerce market in Pakistan has witnessed a year-on-year growth of 78.9 percent in volume and 33.3 percent in value in the fiscal year 2020 (from July 1 2019 to June 30, 2020). As per the Central bank’s data, the e-commerce revenue grew distinctly by Rs2.3 billion to Rs9.4 billion in the fourth quarter of the financial year 2020. This growth brought the yearly revenue to Rs34.8 billion rupees.

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Devices Wise Online Shopping In Pakistan

According to last year’s data, Pakistanis have also joined the trend of mobile commerce as half of the transactions were made through mobile devices. People of Pakistan also tend to spend more when they buy through a smartphone. As per this data, the average order value of mobile users was Rs 9,695. The desktop users’ average order value was Rs 9,164. And this amount was Rs 4,789 for those who ordered through tablets.

Further, the type of device mattered too. Because the users who use iOS mobile phones spent more than Android phone users. They spent Rs 14,510 and Rs 7,467, respectively, on average.

online shopping in Pakistan

Age Group Wise Online Shopping In Pakistan

This report also showed that in online shopping in Pakistan men shared 59% and women share was 41%. The report also disclosed age group analysis. 56% of the online shoppers (56%) were people aged between 25 and 34. 23% were aged 18-24, and 14% were aged 35-44. 45 years and above age group had a share of the remaining 7%.

online shopping in Pakistan

Geographical Data For Online Shopping In Pakistan

Geographically the contribution of Punjab was 55% in purchases through online shopping stores in Pakistan then Sindh with 36%. Balochistan, KPK, and Azad Kashmir collectively shared the remaining 9%. 

Further, the report showed city-wise share too. Here Karachi leads the share competition with a 24% contribution. Followed by Lahore 17%, Rawalpindi & Islamabad 10%. Multan, Sialkot, and Hyderabad are other main contributors to purchasing from online shopping websites in Pakistan.

Now let’s discuss another research that showed some other important aspects of online shopping in Pakistan.

online shopping in Pakistan

1- Month-Wise Average Order Value

According to this research, December is the month in which online shopping in Pakistan touches the highest numbers, followed by November and October. This research tells us that the average order value in these months is Rs. 9,945, Rs.9,577, and Rs. 8,348 respectively. The lowest number of shopping activities was recorded in March with an average order value amounting to Rs 6,320.

2- Month-Wise Transactions Contribution Share

It is shown here that in the month-wise online shopping activity the leader was November. This month contributed a 19.3% share in transactions for the year. October was the second busiest month with an 11.3% number of transactions. Then there was December with 8.8%.

online shopping in Pakistan

3- Day And TimeWise Contribution

The research showed that Monday and Friday are the most active days of the weak for mobile users and desktop users, respectively. And both of these users prefer shopping during peak sales between 12:00 pm and 06:00 pm.

4- Popular Categories For Online Shopping In Pakistan

As per the analysis, five major categories of online shopping in Pakistan are 1- Clothing, 2- Food, 3- Footwear, 4- Travel 5- Electronics.