Xiaomi Conquers Samsung To Embellish The Number One Smartphone Brand.

Xiaomi Conquers Samsung To Embellish The Number One Smartphone Brand.

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According to the latest statistics, Xiaomi has officially outshone its competitor, Samsung, to become the number one smart phone officially in the world.

A Brief History of Xiaomi

Xiaomi is a China-based tech giant founded in April 2010 and has its headquarter in Beijing. In 2014, it matured as the largest smart phone company in China. Its sales expanded by 26 percent in June that is said to be ever-growing for the company. On the Fortune Global 500 list for 2021, Xiaomi is the youngest company.

Furthermore, the company also became worldwide the second brand in the second quarter of 2021 in terms of sales, because it had sold around Eight Hundred Million smart phones.

When Huawei started declining, Xiaomi took over and had been striving hard constantly to fill the gap. The company has really made aggressive efforts to fulfill its dream. The main markets of Huawei were China, Europe, Middle East, and Africa. They targeted the same and succeeded in their strategy.


Xiaomi Has Been The Fastest-Growing Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

It has been gripping on its dynamic offline expansion in lower-tier cities and reliable and excellent performance of its Redmi 9, Redmi Note 9, and the Redmi K series.

Although Xiaomi has formally ruled the smart phone market, people believe that Samsung will dominate the new foldable section of the smart phone market this year with an 88 percent share.

In addition, the experts also consider that the foldable market is to triple from a year earlier. And it will reach around 9 million units in 2021, consequently giving Samsung another edge.

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