Online shopping in Pakistan: 10 things to avoid

Online shopping in Pakistan: 10 things to avoid

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You will buy gifts for the holidays and you will buy them quickly. You can be confident shopping at your local supermarket or relax at home and shop for all your freebies online. Shopping for an online vacation can be a great way to save time when you are finding the right gift at the best price. You should avoid parking lots, avoid flu from your fellow customers, and get out of your wallet. But while shopping for your pajamas can be simple and comfortable, you still need to be careful to make sure your e-wallet is safe and secure. Here are some simple tips for successful online shopping:

Protect your computer. 

Ensure that your computer has updated the installed security application and scans the system regularly to keep runners away from keylogging viruses.

Buy only at home. 

Do not shop online from cafe, airport, or other public places. These developed networks make it easy for hackers to hack into your computer. Buy only from your secure home network.

Click well. 

Your favorite store has sent you a great coupon! But wait! Before you click any link in the email, make sure you know where they are leading. Scam emails can look like good ones from your favorite store, as well as links that point you in the right direction. Then browse to the link and you can see another web address. It may be a fake site, designed to collect your credit card information for fraudulent purposes. The safest way is to manually visit your favorite retailer’s website.

Get to know your customer. 

One of the best things about online shopping is comparing prices quickly to finding the right product. You can find the gift you want for half price, but make sure the customer is reputable and trustworthy. If you have never been to a customer before, look for an online survey. Using aggregators like and Yahoo Shopping is another great way to make sure your customer isn’t taking you on a sly sleigh journey.

Close your site. 

When you go to a seller's website, search for "https" at the beginning of the URL. This "s" - which has a small gold lock in the lower right corner of your browser - indicates an added security level for online shopping.


leave at any time safely when leaving the website.

Check if your payment information is stored. 

Some online shopping sites ask you if you want to keep your payment information for future purchases. It is always best to save your information, especially if you use this site regularly. But beware of this on unfamiliar websites. Consider the true value. Make sure you know how much you will be charged for shipping if any taxes or fees will be added to your online purchases. These add-ons can be assembled quickly, so try to add them when shopping. Many retailers offer free shipping during the holidays, others allow you to get a free store of shopping online - an easy way to add extra cash to your holiday shopping .

Know the return prediction. 

Read the customer's return forecast before purchasing your item. One of the disadvantages of online shopping is that you can't try it or check it out before you buy it, so make sure your customer offers an easy way to return / repay your purchase and if this is not possible, it is not what you expect.

Select Credit - not Debit. 

If possible, use a credit card to make purchases online. Federal law prohibits your payment at $ 50 for fraud. Best of all, many credit card companies will abandon this service and provide fraudulent security and advanced research programs to protect you.

Check it out. 

If you make a lot of purchases online, make sure you check your account and your credit card statement regularly for any charges. If you have questions about the business or if you are suspicious, call your financial institution immediately.

Save your receipt! 

Just like shopping in a store, you will want to keep all your receipts for online shopping. You can choose to save the e-mail recipients to your computer or print and save them with other recipients.

The bottom line! You can use your peace of mind to take advantage of a great online shopping opportunity!