Shoe Cleats Microspikes Grips Footwear For Snow & Ice Walk

Shoe Cleats Microspikes Grips Footwear for Snow & Ice Walk


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Ice Traction Shoe Cleats, Microspikes Grips Quickly & Easily Over Footwear for Snow and Ice Walk.

1. Made of high-quality TPE material and non-slip studs which can offer excellent traction on ice and snow, easy to get on and off with lightweight constructions and folds up to fit in your pocket.

2. The anti-skid nails at the bottom of the shoe cover are refined with high strength alloy and have good wear resistance. They can help you avoid tumbling on the flat and thin icy or snow ground.

3. Durable overshoes with good elasticity, ground-gripping steel studs.

4. Easily fitted over existing footwear with no buckles or straps.

5. Keep your feet firmly on the ground this winter with these convenient, easy to use, studded snow grips.

6. Simply fit the non-slip ice grip over your own shoes or boots and the metal studs will give you extra traction in snowy and icy conditions.

7. Usage: It is suitable for various outdoor sports shoes, mountaineering shoes, and alpine boots. It is suitable for ice, grass and other environments.

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Shoe Cleats Microspikes Grips Footwear for Snow & Ice Walk


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