Fishing Spinning Reel With Rod (Imported)

Fishing Spinning Reel with Rod (Imported)


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Fishing Spinning Reel with Rod made of metal is best for fishing hunters, its total length is 11 feets, it comes with an extra fishing lure.

Fishing rod:

1.Material: Carbon
2.Model: spinning rod
3.Length:1.8m / 2.1m / 2.4m / 2.7m / 3m / 3.6m
4.Target Market: Freshwater /saltwater
5.Power: Medium-Heavy
6.Action: Fast
7.Guides: Ceramics line guides

Fishing reel:

Deluxe spinning fishing reel is left and right interchangeable. It features durable metal spool, comfortable folding handle and hard body with instant anti-reverse system.
1. Weight:EK3000/250g ; EK4000/260g
2. Gear Ratio: 5.1:1
3. Hand Retrieve:Left-Handed Right-Handed

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Fishing Spinning Reel with Rod (Imported)


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